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Old Sweater line of Carol Nesmith.

We are a small-scale non-commercial gamefowl breeding farm. This is a father and son partnership. Our fowls originated from international and local prominent breeders like Ray Alexander, Jim Clem, James Talent, Richard Bates, Eddie Araneta and Manny Lacson. We specialize in Rainbow City Whites ,Japs and Gold/Pumpkin Hulseys.

Our farm is located in Lipa City. Lipa City is a city of 180,000 residents located about 50 miles south of Manila. Situated at an elevation of 1,025 feet, Lipa City's invigorating climate is ideal for raising gamefowl.

Pumpkin Hulsey
Pumpkin Hulsey line of Larry Carter.
Candy Stripe
Texas Candy Stripe.
Gowdy Japs from Jim Clem Jr. of Oregon.

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Dead Aim
Game Farm
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  • Yellow Legged Hatch
  • Gilmore Hatch
  • Spangled Hatch
  • Pumpkin Hulsey
  • Rainbow City White
  • Candy Stripe
  • Lacy Roundhead
  • Brass Back Butcher
  • Jap
  • Asil

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Dead Aim GF co-owner Mr. Carlo Umali together with Mr. Maloy Webb of California.